Testimonials III

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I came to Dr. Riess with lower back pain.  This is a reoccurring condition that I have had in addition to a bulging and herniated disc and chronic hip pain.  I am 54 yrs. old, had a hip replacement 18 months ago but still suffer from the back pain.  I am healthy, exercise often and take good care of my body.  Dr. Riess used the KST technique on me and after one visit I was out of pain. I was able to move freely, bend and walk without lower back pain.  I will continue to see Dr. Riess as he is my pain healer. - Cindy G.


Dr. Riess worked his Chiropractic magic this year to treat my symptoms of sever lower back pain, as well as plantar fasciitis foot pain and sinusitis.  Recently, I came to Dr. Riess with pain in both shoulders joints.  He used the Koren Specific Technique to correct the problem.   In just the first two sessions I had a great deal of relief.  After the third session, my shoulder pain is nearly gone!  It is amazing that the KST approach is so gentle, yet has given me such  relief!  In addition to my shoulder pain relief, I have had other benefits as well.  Since receiving the KST treatments, I feel more relaxed, yet have more energy.  Some of my digestive symptoms, including problems with constipation, have improved as well.
I have recommend your practice to many friends and colleagues over the past year.  Now the Dr. Riess is using the Koren Specific Technique, I will be recommending that friends and colleagues come to see Dr. Riess with a wide range foe symptoms beyond just back pain.  Thank  you Dr. Riess,  for helping me to navigate the road to physical health! 

-  Donna C.     

I have had shoulder pain for more than 15 years after dislocating my shoulder.  The pain at times would wake me up during the night. After starting the new treatment, KST my shoulder feels a lot better.  The pain isn’t as frequent and doesn’t wake me up at night anymore.  After each treatment my shoulder feels better and feels stronger without all the pain. I am very thankful for the Koren Specific Technique.             -Anthony