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Testimonials II

After recently throwing my back out after exercise, I went to see Dr. Riess.  He asked me how bad my pain was from 1-10, with 10 being the worst.  I told him an 8 and had trouble just standing.  Dr. Riess  used KST, his new non-force technique and it was just what I needed! By the time I left his office my pain was down to a 4.  I made three trips to his office that week and each session reduced the pain so much so that I’m ready to Zumba again, only more carefully this time. Dr. Riess and his magic hands are the answer. - Laurie M.


I have been going to Dr. Riess once a week to keep my lower back aligned. He posted a note on the counter if he would be closed for a conference.  I saw him after and he told me about a conference he attended.   He was excited about a new technique he learned, KST.  I wanted to try it.  He glided his thumbs and fingers over my scalp and adjusted me with a pulsating machine. He told me I’m over taxing my kidney.  I do drink 80-120 ozs.  a day and have gotten up to urinate around 2:30 am for most of my life!  After the adjustment that very night I didn’t get up at 2:30! I was able to sleep until my alarm went off at 6:00 am.  This has continued for 3 weeks now. I highly recommend Dr. Riess and the KST method. - Randi


All of a sudden, 3 months ago, I started to not be able to wear necklaces. No matter how light the necklace was I could not tolerate it even for 5 minutes. I had no idea why this was happening. Dr. Riess thought I would be a great candidate for the Koren Specific Technique. As he started to use KST he could tell that my body was perfectly fine without the necklace on, but once it settled on my neck, poof, my body changed.  Dr. Riess could feel my irritation. It was the strangest thing!  Every week Dr. Riess worked with me to correct what my body and mind were telling him were wrong.  Slowly, I started to be able to tolerate wearing a necklace for more time without irritation. I am extremely pleased to say that now after 2 months of using KST, I am back to my normal self and can wear any necklace that I wish without any problems at all.  Thank you Dr. Riess and KST! - J.J.