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Additionally, hands on (Diversified spinal adjustments) are still being practiced along with other techniques.


a unique breakthrough non-force adjustment! This technique involves no twisting, 'cracking', or 'popping' of joints; instead you receive gentle, specific corrections to your spine and structural system. Patients usually notice dramatic changes from the first visit.

    Attaining good health is the responsibility of both the doctor and the patient and we feel that to achieve this, mutual confidence is important. 
   With this end in mind, we offer an initial courtesy consultation so we can discuss and evaluate your health needs to decide how a course of chiropractic care may help you.
    Our first goal is an accurate diagnosis.  We will look for the cause of your problem rather than just treat the symptom, for without correcting the cause - the symptoms will reappear.

     On your way to improved health, our second goal is to reduce pain, increase ranges of motion, break up muscle spasms, decrease inflammation, and speed up tissue repair in order to return you to your active lifestyle. 

     Dr. Steven M. Riess